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28 жовтня 2021 року

She’s My Grief… Decade

She's My Grief... Decade

Рік: 2010

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Length: 01:41:41  



CD-1 – She’s My Grief

01. The First Spring Without You
02. Path Of My Tears
03. Where Once We Were Happy
04. Sweet Embrace Of Scarlet Twilight
05. I Saw Her Sad Eyes
06. As A Wingless Bird
07. …And We Shall Die Together

CD-2 – …Decade

01. A Pain To Remember (Demo Version)
02. It’s Our Own Tragedy (Demo Version)
03. To Your Deceits…Again (Demo Version)
04. The First Spring Without You (Somnolent Version)
05. I Saw Her Sad Eyes (Stas Mischenko Version)
06. The Cold Solitude (Soundform & Practical Senses Version)
07. The Cold Solitude (Alexander Naydenov Version)
08. The Cold Solitude (Demo Version)